Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Curioser and Curioser – Abbondio Vintage Edition –

Thanks to my mom and the little Italian grocery store where she goes quite often. The perfect little gift for the pin up and Arranciata lover. With one of my Gil Elvgren paintings in bonus!!! All bottles from the vintage edition of Abbondio are awesome! I think I will have to start to collect all of them.

Merci à ma maman et à la petite épicerie italienne qu’elle fréquente régulièrement. Elle sait à quel point j’adore les pin ups et l’arranciata! Le parfait petit cadeau pour moi. Et avec une des mes peintures favorites de Gil Elvgren en prime! Chacune des bouteilles de l’édition vintage des sodas abbondio sont craquante! Une nouvelle collection pour moi!


  1. Hello! I stumbled here looking for a place where they sell the vintage Abbondio bottles in Montreal. The store where I use to get them stopped and I would like to finish my collection.

    Could you please tell me what store sells them?


  2. Hi! I got mine in boucherville… not so sure of the name of the place… but it is a little european grocery store. Good luck in your search! XO

  3. Thanks! Oh, and let me know if you ever remember the name of the place!